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A few days ago, the medical community and the press emotionally reacted to what cardiac surgeon Boris Todurov did.

A message appeared on social networks that credited Todurov a pioneering role in applying of surgical technology, tested and successfully used in operations by another surgeon.

What made the situation strange was that plagiarism had no chance to go unnoticed. Glossy self-advertising doesn’t work among the top surgeons and doctors. All the priorities are set, all achievements are noted, the authors are recorded.

The great surgeon, whose method Boris Todurov appropriated to himself, reacted to what happened calmly, not to say indifferently. This speaks of the character of the man and the scale of his personality.

But the figure of the director of the Heart Institute, Mr. Todurov, attracted great attention. The fact is that Boris Todurov is not a banal impostor or a charlatan. It is impossible to consider the appropriation of someone else’s invention by a well-known surgeon separately from the facts of his life.

The oddities begin on the page of Todurov on Wikipedia.

Boris Mikhailovich Todurov (January 2, 1965, Kyiv) - Ukrainian cardiac surgeon, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, director of the Heart Institute, public figure, blogger.

In Ukraine (perhaps, throughout the world), the words “cardiac surgeon” and “blogger” in the comma-separated list are hard to perceive. The image of “a doc with a blade” is revered and romanticized. Authors write novels about surgeons, and top movie stars perform them in films and TV series.

This is not the only odd detail of the Wikipedia page about Boris Todurov. It also says that:

- he was the first who made the heart transplant in Ukraine.

- he’s a supporter of economically viable health care management 

- he stands for the civilized transplantation

The discrepancy is monstrous. The phrase “the first heart transplant in Ukraine“ is worthy of memorial plaques and monuments. “Economically viable health care management” and “civilized transplantology” are “figures of speech”, ridiculous and amateur ones.

The “supporter of economically viable management” sounds like a “champion of physiologically conditioned sex contacts.” Wording like this is a cynical mockery of a man who has performed 13,000 surgeries.

Rather, it would be a cynical mockery if the Wikipedia page didn’t clearly show that its style and content were dictated by a man named Boris Mikhailovich Todurov.

... performed mechanical heart implantation. Such a heart cost 120 thousand euros. The German clinic provided his Heart Institute in installments, considering Todurov’s personal authority in the international medical community...

... some funds were raised at a charity run and a charity exchange ...

... Boris Todurov is an active blogger in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases ...

... he advocates for a healthy lifestyle and heart examinations as often as Ukrainians give their cars for maintenance ...

The stylistics of these phrases seems to be taken from a newsletter of the depressive outback, and narcissism is striking in its teenagers’ openness. All written is worthy of a glossy advertising booklet, not the informative page of a Wiki.

The paragraph about Boris Todurov’s heroic trip to Crimea deserves special attention, but we’ll come back to it later.

So far, we’ll try to find out how surgical experience, love for cheap self-PR, and a tendency to borrow other people’s achievements can coexist in one person.

The election of the director of the Heart Institute in 2018 was like a publicity show: a huge number of guards, a group of C-14 fighters in the courtyard of a medical institution, and a scandal with an activist who dared to record a video.

Health Minister Ulyana Suprun denounced Boris Todurov of using corruption schemes for purchasing drugs at significantly inflated prices. She stressed that his resignation from the position of director would be the best way out of the situation.

Boris Todurov didn’t sue Mrs. Suprun for libel and didn’t even get indignant, focusing on the voting of 22 members of the Council, which had to renew his directorship.

What was happening, SKELET-info wrote, was more like the seizure of an industrial enterprise or an elite piece of land than the election of the head of a medical institution.

In the building, where there were 200 patients (30 of them in intensive care wards), criminal passions were in full swing, and in the center’s courtyard, sections of “young sporty guys” grouped for a clash.

It was also fun in the hall where the event took place. The voting was watched by at least 12 Rada deputies, representatives of the Ministry of Health and the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko.

The Ministry of Health officials even stated this was a kind of pressure on the procedure of election of the head of a medical institution. Perhaps there was no pressure, but an entire group of Parliament deputies and the mayor of the capital confidently took the election of the director of the Heart Institute beyond a medical or scientific event.

Like that, under the interested gaze of Klitschko, with a group of deputy support, “fighters” in the yard, blocking the doors and seizing the “activists” who entered the hall, they never determine the most worthy of the famous surgeons. This is not how the prestige and international authority of candidates are compared.  

In this style today in the country of Ukraine they are doing one thing, seizing and sharing money.

Realizing that Boris Mikhailovich Todurov, first of all, makes money,  helps to fall everything into place; the presentation of his own (or borrowed) achievements, the unanswered accusations of financial schemes. The organization of the treatment process becomes clear and glamour in style and essence.

The interlocutor of told how he placed his relative for treatment at the Heart Institute. We must note the process was successful, and the man was very grateful to the doctors. The different phenomena made him surprised and angry.

I didn’t pay attention to how this medical institution worked, since I needed to cure a loved one. I didn’t spare money for the treatment; I paid for the treatment and fulfilled all the doctors’ demands. I don’t know the medical terminology, so I will tell everything as I understand it.

The doctor explained it was necessary to make a simple operation, to put a stent that would allow the heart to work properly. However, it was necessary to pay an “N” amount for the stents, and so I did.

Then I learned that the government provided surgical stents to the Heart Institute to the Heart Institute for free surgery. But in fact, it turned out that they sold this state stent to me.

Information on the state provision of stents for free surgeries is true. (Ed.)

I examined the receipt, and it turned out that I paid the money for the stent as a charitable contribution to the account of the Heart in the Palm charity foundation. I realized I wasn’t the only such sucker, but there are thousands of us...

It’s easy to understand the emotional reaction of a deceived person.

The charitable foundation man is talking about really exists. It is called “Heart in the Palm” and a link to it welcomes the guests right on the website of the Heart Institute.

On the first page of the Foundation, B.M. Todurov advertises it personally.

Another site reports that the founders of the charitable foundation are Anatoly Viktorovich Ivanyuk and Natalya Borisovna Ivanyuk.

Both are employees of the Heart Institute.

We can see the classic scheme of extracting money from patients. What makes it complete is that Anatoly Viktorovich Ivanyuk and Natalya Borisovna Ivanyuk are not just employees of the medical institution headed by Mr. Todurov B.M.

Ivanyuk Natalya Borisovna is his daughter, and Ivanyuk Anatoly Viktorovich is her husband, the son-in-law of the surgeon. The fraud is family run.

Todurov’s attitude of surgery, as a source of illegal income, has been formed for a long time and systematically.

In 2007, Todurov signed an illegal agreement with Chernovetskiy and Kilchitskaya, who allocated 200 million (!) US dollars from the Kyiv budget for the opening of the Kyiv Heart center. During its construction and equipping, at least 40-50% of the budget settled in the pockets of these officials and Todurov himself (as evidenced by the official acts of the GlavKRU and the GPU, which were subsequently successfully “merged”).

During the times of Yanukovych and the “regional” government, he built excellent financial relations with the Minister Bogatyreva.

Deputy Prime Minister Arbuzov was his coach in stealing money in “Donetsk team” style.

The direct curator of the regular withdrawal of millions of dollars carried out through the Boris Todurov Center was the son of Yanukovych, known as “Sasha the dentist”.

Officially, almost $20 million was allocated annually from the budget to finance the center. An even larger amount passed through the center as so-called “voluntary payments”.

To simplify illegal theft schemes (in violation of the budget code and several laws), heart surgeon Boris Todurov, supported by Raisa Bogatyreva and Alexander Yanukovych, achieved the transfer of the Heart Center, built at the expense of the city budget, to the ownership of the Ministry of Health.

No wonder that a person with such a past (and present) is quite rich.

The Center Against Corruption reported that last year the General Director of the state Heart Institute, Boris Todurov, became the owner of two apartments in Kyiv. At the same time, his wife bought a 100-meter apartment in the elite residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki.

A family of doctors living near Kyiv in an estate of 700 square meters located on the lakeshore spent 1 million UAH on new real estate and declared $400 thousand in cash.

This level of income for a surgeon working in a government institute doesn’t match the salaries of other Ukrainian medical professionals working for the state. But it’s easy to understand. 

Honest doctors don’t steal state property, don’t create family thieves’ artels, and don’t extort money from patients who are entitled to a free operation.

They are Ukrainian doctors, and Boris Todurov is a “Yanukovich-style” schemer-businessman with a medical diploma.

Even in the income declaration mentioned above, he lied. First, he didn’t show the income his wife got from having sold a stake in the Agapit medical center. Second, he did not declare a single car. Although, besides the existing car, a few months ago his daughter (also a worker of state medicine) presented him with a Hyundai Tucson, the price of which on the market starts from 830 thousand UAH.

The pettiness of the merchant is what distinguishes Boris Todurov from the prominent surgeons deservedly loved by the Ukrainians. Besides, one should note his morbid narcissism and vanity, which give rise to such wording as “an active blogger in prevention issues” and “organizer of internal quality management systems”.

Boris Mikhailovich Todurov is a cardiac surgeon, it’s true. That he does a lot of surgeries is also true. It is also true that he is robbing state employees in the state clinic and turning the charitable foundation into a criminal feeder.

All the above (and not listed) fits into one fundamental truth. Todurov Boris Mikhailovich made state surgery a source of personal enrichment. Medicine is a business for him, just a business with no additives.

This could be the end of the article. But we promised to remind of an interesting paragraph on the Wikipedia page. Here it is.

In March 2014, he visited Crimea with a humanitarian mission a week before it acceded to Russia. Boris Mikhailovich moved with a team of a surgeon and anesthesiologists to the Feodosiya military base, which at that time was surrounded by the Russian military. Doctors brought a car with medicines and dressings in case of the outbreak of hostilities. On leaving the peninsula, Todurov was asked to operate on an elderly woman with acute myocardial infarction. Subsequently, it turned out that the patient was the mother of Sergei Aksyonov.

Were you naïve enough to believe in that?

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