Let's clean Ukraine from corruption
Очистимо Україну від корупції



All civilized countries support Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression, but even among friends and allies there are the first and foremost, and Poland has become such for us.

Since the first hours of the war, the help of the fraternal nation was great and nationwide. Unlike many, Poland didn't wait for Ukrainian military successes or the Russian military crimes to start helping us fight and survive. True friendship doesn't need informational occasions.

The Poles know the high price of freedom. One hundred years ago, the Russian hordes were stopped and driven back when they were 14 kilometers from gentle Warsaw. In 1939, the Ivans retaliated by tearing the freedom-loving state apart along with Hitler.

The soldiers of the destroyed state fought in all the allied armies, showing courage and bringing the common victory and their freedom closer. Today the Republic of Poland is a modern European state, living by the standards of freedom and democracy.

When the war came to the Ukrainian home, we didт't have to beg our brotherly country for help. Everything we need has poured into Ukraine, from bulletproof vests and grenade launchers to baby diapers and pet food.

It doesn't look like helping a foreign country. Poland made the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion its own war.

The Polish transport company Gigamix was part of the very first heroic raid to the Ukrainian border, delivering supplies there for warring Ukraine on the second night of the Russian invasion.

Together with the legendary Ukrainian volunteer Vadim Diyanov, Gigamix men sent 8 TIR trucks of the products to the Ukrainian front and rear, when the first Russian missiles were hitting Ukrainian cities, and confusion reigned on the border routes.

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